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The following Terms and Conditions of Use regulate the contract established between SunOnline LLC, with address at 30 N Gould St Ste R, Sheridan WY 82801, USA, email contact@soldvendido.com (hereinafter SunOnline), the User of the website ( hereinafter the USER), and the Advertiser of the website (hereinafter the ADVERTISER).


For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the following terms will have the following meaning:

  • Advertiseur: It is any natural person or entity in fact or by law that promotes a real estate or rental service through the Soldvendido platform.

  • Real Estate: It will be understood as everything that is attached to the earth, or attached to buildings and constructions, in a fixed and permanent way.

  • Mortgage Calculator: This tool consists of a calculator that provides an estimated mortgage payment calculation according to the values provided, and it is not guaranteed that the calculated amount will be the same as that provided by any banking or financial institution.

  • Password: It is the access code assigned to each Advertiser to access the Soldvendido platform.

  • Access and authentication credentials: Authentication mechanism made up of the username and password, security questions, pins, tokens or biometric data, which allows the Soldvendido platform to validate the User’s identification and grant access to the Account of the Soldvendido platform.

  • Account: It is the virtual space attributed to each ADVERTISER after registering on the Soldvendido platform.

  • Payment gateway or payment method: It is the service of an electronic commerce service provider, with which payments are authorized to electronic businesses, online retail sales, businesses with physical and online presence simultaneously, or to traditional businesses. For this contract, payments will be made through the payment gateway Stripe.com or Paypal.com.

  • Privacy Policy: It is the Policy of the Soldvendido platform that governs the treatment and processing of personal data of the USER and the ADVERTISER and that can be consulted on the Website.

  • Contact Information Service: It is a digital mailbox whose functionality is to request more information or direct contact from the Advertiser, the information deposited through it will not be retained by the Soldvendido platform, however, it may be retained and used by the Advertiser.

  • Site Web: is the set of digital content and pages in HTML code that is available through the URL: https://soldvendido.com/  and which the ADVERTISER or any USER can access through their browser either from a computer from desktop or from your mobile device.

    Soldvendido: it is a technological platform available through the URL:  https://soldvendido.com/ , intended for the promotion of third-party professional services, as well as real estate for sale or for rent in a specific geographical area, available in version Web accessible through browsers.

  • User: For the purposes of this contract, the User is any natural person who has access to the Soldvendido platform, as well as its content and information.


1.1-SunOnline is a company that is dedicated to the development of the Internet technology platform, Soldvendido, which connects Users and Advertisers of professional services, as well as real estate for sale or for rent..

1.2- The User and Advertiser declare that they understand and accept voluntarily, without limitation or restriction, the following Terms and Conditions of Use and Contract, as well as the other policies and principles incorporated therein, prior to browsing and accessing the Soldvendido platform.

1.3- SunOnline makes the following rules, regulations and conditions governing the operation and use of the Soldvendido platform available to the Advertiser and the User, so that through said application the Advertiser can promote its services or the sale or rental of real estate , as well as so that the User can access the information of the goods and services advertised. Therefore, any person who does not accept these Terms and Conditions of Use, which are mandatory and binding, must refrain from using the Soldvendido platform.

1.4-The User and the Advertiser accept that for this act, an electronic signature or electronic consent (click-wrap agreement) is understood as the act of clicking on the ACCEPTANCE box located before carrying out the registration process or sending information. or personal data, so the User and the Advertiser expressly accept that this will be the valid mechanism to express their consent regarding the provisions of this contract regarding the use of the Soldvendido platform.

1.5- The User does not need to carry out a registration process to access the information of the real estate advertised on the Soldvendido platform, as well as the contact information of the Advertisers.

1.6- In order to use the Soldvendido platform, the User and the Advertiser declare to be of legal age, in addition the Advertiser to be able to advertise their services or goods, must register and have an approved account with Soldvendido, for which they must provide their personal data in the form registration on the Website. As part of the registration process and use of the Soldvendido platform, the ADVERTISER accepts that he undertakes to comply with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, and the following documents, which in turn are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions of Use:

  • Code of Conduct and Rules of the Soldvendido Platform  https://soldvendido.com/        

  • Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data         https://soldvendido.com/privacy-policy/.

  •  General Conditions of Purchase of Ads                     https://soldvendido.com/ad-purchase-conditions/


2.1- Soldvendido is a web platform available through the URL  https://soldvendido.com/         which includes the following functionalities for the ADVERTISER, whose character is merely illustrative and discretionary on the part of SunOnline:

  1. I. Publication and Promotion of professional services and sale or rental of real estate.

  2. Publication of description, additional information, images and videos of the property.

  3. Contact information mailbox to receive information or contact requests from the User.

2.2– The ADVERTISER may only have a single account with Soldvendido.

2.3- Soldvendido is a platform available through a website  https://soldvendido.com/ and which includes the following functionalities for the USER, whose character is merely illustrative and discretionary on the part of SunOnline: 

  1. I. Access to information on professional services and sale or rental of goods  properties advertised by third parties to Soldvendido in their capacity as Advertisers.

  2. Access to description, additional information, images and videos of the services offered or of the real estate.

  3. Contact information box to request additional information or contact from the Advertiser.

2.4– The User and the Advertiser understand and accept that the functionalities indicated in clauses 2.1 and 2.3 above may be expanded and / or restricted by SunOnline, at any time and at its sole discretion, according to its policies, and technological and commercial development plans, as which will be communicated to the User through the website.

2.5.- The Soldvendido platform may be used in all regions that SunOnline authorizes access to. In any scenario, the legislation applicable to this contract will be that of the Republic of Panama o Costa Rica.


3.1 – In order to access the registration and opening of an Account on the Soldvendido platform, the ADVERTISER must provide at least the following personal information: name, email, a password, and select an account type, among other information.

3.2 – The ADVERTISER may not assign or transfer his Soldvendido account to any third party.

3.3 –The ADVERTISER’s Soldvendido Account contract is for an indefinite period, however, you may close your Account at any time by sending a request to the email  contact@soldvendido.com.

3.4 – SunOnline may terminate the ADVERTISER’s Soldvendido Account contract and cancel its access at any time based on objective and reasonable grounds or in the following cases:

  1. If we have reasonable suspicions that there has been a fraudulent or unauthorized use of the Soldvendido’s Account;

  2. If, through fraud or negligence, the ADVERTISER has compromised the security of the Soldvendido platform;

  3. If you make an unauthorized use or contemplated in these Terms and Conditions of the Soldvendido platform;

  4. Due to the failure of the Advertiser of the obligations established in this contract;

  5. When the ADVERTISER provides false information to SunOnline or when it provides the same with respect to a real estate advertised on the Soldvendido platform.

  6. For the contempt or breach of the Soldvendido Code of Conduct.


4.1 – SunOnline is committed to implementing the best practices in terms of information security, guaranteeing the User and the Advertiser that the Soldvendido platform keeps the information confidential, integrated and available, as well as implementing secure authentication methods on its servers that seek to achieve greater security for the Advertiser and the User.

4.2– Gazelook.com has a security certificate on its server that allows it to encrypt the information between the USER’s browser and the Soldvendido platform server, which encrypts the information through a TLS certificate and is signed by an algorithm. SHA-256. However, the Client understands the multiple cyber risks that may arise from online transactions, which is why he undertakes to administer his access credentials with the utmost diligence and assumes responsibility for his own cybersecurity, in addition to understanding and procuring use tools that allow you to safely browse the Internet.

4.3- SunOnline is not obliged to respond for facts or omissions that may be presented by the User or the Advertiser, such as being a victim of phishing, social engineering, malware, Trojans, backdoors, spyware, adware, ramsomware or any other malicious application. that affects the operation of the device or that intercepts, monitors, copies and illegally accesses the software or hardware of the Advertiser.

4.4– The User and the Advertiser expressly understand and accept that when dealing with transactions that are carried out by non-traditional mechanisms, there are risks of fraud, identity theft, massive illegal attacks on devices and servers, and other situations that are alien to SunOnline. Therefore, the User and the Advertiser must always remain vigilant and ensure that they are at the correct URL associated with the Website and not give personal information to persons other than those authorized by SunOnline.

4.5– In terms of security and management of personal data, the User and the Advertiser of the Soldvendido platform undertake the following:

  1. Use the Soldvendido platform only for legal purposes.

  2. Implement the best cybersecurity practices, as well as apply all reasonable steps to keep the password of your Advertiser Account in Soldvendido and any other security functions securely at all times and never reveal any of the above to anyone.

  3. Inform SunOnline via email contact@soldvendido.com from any malicious message that you receive or from any website that is using the Soldvendido brand and that generates suspicion due to its appearance or lack of credibility, as well as if it requests the Advertiser’s password or other security features.


  1. In the case of Advertisers, change the access password to the Soldvendido platform at least every six months and comply with the requirements indicated by the Soldvendido platform for the creation of a secure password.

  2. Never allow a third party access to your Advertiser Account on the Soldvendido platform or allow them to be seen while entering the Advertiser’s unique authentication information. The Advertiser is responsible for all accesses to the Soldvendido platform made with their access credentials.

  3. Contact SunOnline and report to contact@soldvendido.com if you have any indication or suspicion of loss, theft, misappropriation, unauthorized use or any other act that compromises the Advertiser’s account on the Soldvendido platform, as well as login data, password or other security feature.

  4. Use secure devices to run the Soldvendido platform, as well as have licensed software, an antivirus and security tools on the mobile device or personal computer, in this way to proactively prevent attacks from malware, viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, botnets, spyware, adware, ramsomware and other malicious programs that can steal the personal data of the User or Advertiser.

  5. In the case of the Advertiser, he must take reasonable measures to ensure that his email accounts are secure and that only he as the owner of the email and the Account can access them, since said email can be used to restore passwords or for sending communications regarding the security of the Soldvendido platform account. In the event that the security of any of the emails linked to the Soldvendido platform account is compromised or affected, the Advertiser must contact SunOnline as soon as possible through the email contact@soldvendido.com and report the situation.

  6. Do not use any function to record your access and authentication credentials in the browser, nor that such information is recorded in third-party software or technological platforms in any way.


5.1 – All content such as but not limited to trademarks, texts, videos, photographs, images, software, source code, web page design, graphics, colors and interfaces of the platform are the exclusive intellectual property of SunOnline or have the necessary permissions from Third parties for their use, consequently they may not be reproduced, copied, pasted, linked, transmitted, distributed or manipulated in any way, without the prior written authorization of SunOnline. It is completely prohibited to use web scraping techniques to capture, collect, extract or mine data and information published on the Soldvendido Website.

5.2 – The Advertiser and the User understand and accept that the use of the Soldvendido platform or the visit or navigation of the Website does not imply any license, assignment of rights, assignment of patent or authorizes the exploitation or disposition of any form of the intellectual property of the digital assets of SunOnline or third parties. Any breach by the Advertiser and the User to the provisions of this clause, will empower SunOnline to immediately disable access to the Soldvendido platform and the Website and to take the legal actions it deems appropriate, to establish civil and criminal responsibilities. that correspond.

5.3 – The Advertiser and the User are authorized to reproduce in whole or in part, as well as share by any other electronic or physical means, information related to the services of the Soldvendido platform in order to publicize the qualities related to the platform and its benefits, for which it must include the hyperlink to the Soldvendido website or social networks. The Advertiser and the User or anyone other than the representatives of SunOnline are authorized to market the Soldvendido platform or its associated services. Any use or modification of the material or the contents for any other purpose other than that authorized will be considered a violation of the laws of the Republic of Panama and international laws, which protect copyright and intellectual property.

5.4 – Failure to comply with the provisions contained in this section will empower SunOnline to claim damages from the Advertiser and the User, as well as to claim any criminal, commercial, civil or administrative liability, if any, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Panama. 


The parties agree to resolve the disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions of Use, and their integral parts, through the Panamanian courts and / or the corresponding authorities in terms of consumer protection when applicable. Likewise, they will be valid and if the parties agree, go to the pertinent instances for conciliation, mediation, arbitration and, in general, to the dispute resolution centers available in the country.


7.1- The ADVERTISER and the USER understand and accept that these Terms and Conditions of Use and Contract may be revised and modified by SunOnline at any time, by publishing a new version of these Terms on the Website. It is understood that there is no obligation on the part of SunOnline to individually notify the Advertiser and the User of the changes made, but that they will be published on the Website for their knowledge.

7.2- The ADVERTISER and the USER ACCEPT who have read and understood these “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE SOLDVENDIDO PLATFORM” and by clicking on the “Accept” box, as well as using the Soldvendido platform, expressly state that they accept them freely and consciously having on your part satisfactorily reviewed the information which you consider adequate and sufficient.

Any comment, query or observation regarding these Terms and Conditions can be made by the Advertiser and the User through email contact@soldvendido.com

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