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For the purposes of terms and conditions, the following terms of real estate Glosary will have the following meaning:

Advertiseur: It is any natural person or entity in fact or by law that promotes a real estate or
rental service through the Soldvendido platform.
Real Estate: It will be understood as everything that is attached to the earth, or attached to
buildings and constructions, in a fixed and permanent way.
– Mortgage Calculator: This tool consists of a calculator that provides an estimated mortgage
payment calculation according to the values provided, and it is not guaranteed that the
calculated amount will be the same as that provided by any banking or financial institution.
– Password: It is the access code assigned to each Advertiser to access the Soldvendido
– Access and authentication credentials: Authentication mechanism made up of the
username and password, security questions, pins, tokens or biometric data, which allows the
Soldvendido platform to validate the User’s identification and grant access to the Account of
the Soldvendido platform.
– Account: It is the virtual space attributed to each ADVERTISER after registering on the
Soldvendido platform.
– Payment gateway or payment method: It is the service of an electronic commerce service
provider, with which payments are authorized to electronic businesses, online retail sales,
businesses with physical and online presence simultaneously, or to traditional businesses.
For this contract, payments will be made through the payment gateway or
– Privacy Policy: It is the Policy of the Soldvendido platform that governs the treatment and
processing of personal data of the USER and the ADVERTISER and that can be consulted
on the Website.
Contact Information Service: It is a digital mailbox whose functionality is to request more
information or direct contact from the Advertiser, the information deposited through it will not
be retained by the Soldvendido platform, however, it may be retained and used by the
– Site Web: is the set of digital content and pages in HTML code that is available through the
– URL: and which the ADVERTISER or any USER can access
through their browser either from a computer from desktop or from your mobile device.
– Soldvendido: it is a technological platform available through the URL: , intended for the promotion of third-party professional services, as
well as real estate for sale or for rent in a specific geographical area, available in version
Web accessible through browsers.
– User: For the purposes of this contract, the User is any natural person who has access to
the Soldvendido platform, as well as its content and information.

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