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You made the decision to put your property on the market. Check what are the usual property seller concerns.

What might be the property seller concerns? Whether it is a house, a land, an apartment, an office, a commercial property, a commercial business or a building, the approach is always the same. Several matters need to be addressed.
-Selling price
-Which type of advertisement will you  choose
-Juridic aspect
-Presenting your property

As sellers, we always want the best price, which is quite legitimate. From this price it will partly result in the speed of the sale. It is important to position yourself at an accurate price which will allow you to make your sale within a reasonable time. Nowadays, through the internet and different means of communication, buyers are increasingly well-informed about market prices.
So it is essential to get a fair and realistic idea of what you can sell a property for in your area. For this, you should call on professionals such as real estate agents or experts in property valuation and research what similar properties are listed at and what they sold for in your area.
Consider carefully that the displayed price of a similar property to yours isn’t generally the final selling price. From that you can make your own estimate.
Keep in mind that very often buyers negotiate the advertised price but choosing to keep a fair, non-negotiable price can be a good idea. This can avoid you from wasting time with potential buyers who expect to lower the price significantly, hoping to make “the deal”

There are several ways to advertise your property for sale.

-Word of mouth, probably the most economical way but remains very confidential.
-Get your listing in one or few real estate agencies, which have wide distribution via websites and their established network. The cost is clearly higher since the real estate agency will charge at least 5% of the selling price.
-The website SoldVendido which allows you a wide advice for a modest price.
-Create your own website. Nowadays there are affordable methods and it’s quite easy to find a Webmaster or you might do that by yourself using for example .
There are a multitude of different possibilities to increase your chance to sell.

property seller concerns

Another property seller concerns are that you should also surround yourself with qualified and experienced people to represent you legally. The lawyer who will help you along has to inform you about any legal, fiscal and administrative aspect of the sale of your property.

The presentation of your property is crucial and has not to be overlooked.
Photography and videos really matter. They have to be bright, clear and of high resolution. Investing in drone photography of your property for sale is really worth it. The shots are spectacular and allow you to have a whole view of the property. These shots shall best reflect your property and for that you must prepare your home with a good maintenance of the infrastructure and furniture. Freshen up your walls and make sure your home looks tidy and well cared so potential buyers can see themselves there. The more you prepare your home, the better you will seduce your visitor and higher will be your chances of selling quickly and at the best price.
However, be careful to keep in mind to stay close to reality. Prospects dislike being fooled by descriptions or pictures that look beyond reality. It’s nicer for visitors to be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed during the first visit.

First impressions are decisive. So pay attention to details, such as a bouquet of flowers, a good smell in the kitchen and anything that can give a pleasant and well being feeling to visitors.
Sometimes details can make all the difference.

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