Code of Conduct


1.-In order to maintain an environment in harmony, respect and attached to the best ethical and moral principles, ADVERTISERS and USERS of the Soldvendido platform must respect each and every one of the following provisions while interacting with other users or with administrators of the platform:

  1. Do not use the Soldvendido platform and its communication tools to publish unsolicited commercial information (Spam).
  2. The ADVERTISER and the USER must show kindness and respect towards the other participants and the administrators of the Soldvendido platform. Unprofessional, disrespectful or immoral behavior against any other participant is not tolerated.
  3. Respect others and their differences. In the Soldvendido platform we are a community made up of people with very diverse profiles.
  4. It is completely forbidden to use the expression spaces of the Soldvendido platform to threaten, coerce, harass, insult or slander another ADVERTISER or USER. The ADVERTISER or the USER who incur in any of these behaviors will be solely responsible for facing the criminal and civil consequences of their actions.
  5. In the event of a dispute or difference between two or more Users or Advertisers, the Soldvendido platform administrators will act as mediators trying to find the best solution to the conflict, therefore, all Advertisers and Users involved undertake to accept their decision, otherwise If the said resolution is accepted by one of the Advertisers and Users, they can exercise their complaints through the corresponding legal channels.
  6. In order to avoid damage to any Advertiser or User, the Soldvendido platform may delete comments or content in general that it considers supports or is in favor of generating hatred, discrimination, homophobia, false news (Fake news), violence, human trafficking , child pornography, support for terrorism, drug and alcohol consumption, animal abuse, as well as any content that seeks to promote acts contrary to the law.
  7. Advertisers and Users should avoid sharing information that seeks to influence other users and that such information does not have a demonstrable scientific basis and that may misrepresent real facts proven by science, especially in the area of health.
  8. The Soldvendido platform reserves the right to suspend or close the Advertiser’s account that in the consideration of the platform administrators violates any of these stipulations, likewise Soldvendido may resort to the corresponding legal channels, when through any act of an Advertiser the rights of a third party are violated or an offense punishable by the corresponding criminal law is committed.

2.- This Code of Conduct and Rules of the Soldvendido Platform is an integral part of the terms and conditions of use of the platform, therefore, as part of the registration process and use of the Soldvendido platform, the ADVERTISER and the USER accept that they undertake to the fulfillment of the same.

Last update: October 2021.

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