The Life in Panama

Life in Bocas del Toro

Located on the north-west cost of Panama, Bocas Del Toro is the perfect place for your dream house. The magical archipelago ranges on nearly 250 km2 of area of Careibbean Sea, separeting Almirante Bay and Chiriqui Lagoon from the open sea. But how looks the life in Bocas Del Toro, Panama? Archipelago consists thousands of islets and islands with 9 main big islands. Surrounding turquoise waters conceal...

Life in Panama

Are you considering to know more about life in Panama? It's a small Central American country nestled between the Atlantic, the Pacific, North America and South America. This country offers very rich regional biodiversity with numerous coastal, insular, mountainous and modern urban area, but also a wide ethnic diversity which as benefited from mixing of populations of diverse origins and backgrounds over...

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