Ad Purchase Conditions

  1. – General conditions

1.1.- SOLDVENDIDO allows ADVERTISERS to purchase and publish commercial advertisements on its platform, with the purpose of facilitating the sale and rental of real estate and the offer of professional services in Panama. Due to the foregoing, the ADVERTISER understands that he must read and know all the information associated with this service described in these ad purchase conditions, before proceeding to buy the ads.

1.2.- The prices of the advertisements are expressed in dollars and the amount will be available at the time of purchase of the advertisement. The prices already include taxes and are final prices.

1.3.- In order to publish an advertisement, Advertisers must register with Soldvendido and manage an Advertiser account.

1.4.- Advertisers may be individuals or legal entities such as Real State agencies, construction companies or property management agencies, among others.

  1. – Ads Policy

2.1.- Advertisers can contract the ads offered on this platform under the following conditions:

  1. Ads can be for properties located in Panama, which are offered for sale or rent.
  2. Professionals can buy and advertise their professional services.
  3. Ads may contain:
  • The description of the real estate or the professional services offered by the professional.
  • A maximum of 30 photos or videos.
  • The location of the property or service within the Google Maps map.
  • If the ad is for a property, the plan of the property can be included.
  1. The ad will be published for a maximum time of 1 year or less if the advertiser so decides.

2.2.- Ads have the following content restrictions or prohibitions:

  • The images, videos and texts of the advertisement must be original and the exclusive property of the Advertiser. The Advertiser is completely prohibited from publishing content in the advertisements for which it does not have the intellectual property rights or is not authorized by the owner.
  • Contents allusive to minors, that is, those requested in favor of adults and / or employment.
  • Contents with explicit or implicit messages with sexual connotations or related to services of a sexual nature.
  • Sale of firearms messages or any other accessory that may be considered a weapon by Panamanian laws.
  • Sale of gunpowder or any other product that requires special authorization by the Panamanian authorities.
  • Sale of works of art of patrimonial interests or of prohibited commercialization.
  • Sale or commercialization of organs of the body.
  • Content related to medications or treatments for IVH, sexual impotence, virility or any other medication that requires authorization from the health authorities.
  • Content that may be offensive to a specific ethnic group or advertisements with messages that seek to affect the good name of a person, entity, group or that has any discriminatory or racist character.
  • Content related to the commercialization of copyright and related rights, such as recordings, television and radio programs, books, magazines etc.
  • Sale or commercialization of animals.
  • The same property cannot be published more than once at the same time.
  • The publication of advertisements that try to sell or commercialize mines, lands in archaeological zones or any zone or land owned by the State or that is under a regime with prohibition is not allowed.
  • The sale of cemetery lots is not allowed.
  • The publication of auctions is not allowed.
  • Ads with photos of minors are not allowed.
  • Ads with images of explicit nudity or erotic content are not allowed.
  1. – Reservation of rights

SOLDVENDIDO reserves the right to reject the publication of any advertisement if it considers in its sole discretion that the advertisement contains content that could affect the rights of third parties or that they do not adhere to the Conditions of Purchase of Ads. Similarly, you may refuse to sell your commercial advertising services, to close or suspend an account when you consider that the Advertising Policies, Terms and Conditions or the SOLDVENDIDO Code of Conduct have been violated, or if the account presents a fraudulent profile, or false information.

  1. – Payment method and purchase process

In order to acquire and buy the commercial advertisements on SOLDVENDIDO, the Advertiser must have a valid and current payment method, a debit or credit card from the international operators VISA and MASTERCARD, likewise the Advertiser must have a stable Internet connection that allow the transaction to be completed without any interruption.

4.1.-Of the purchase process

Once the Advertiser has read, verified and accepted both the information in the ads and the cost to pay, they can proceed to purchase the selected ad. Once the information of the Advertiser has been entered and verified, the latter must enter their account or create a new account to make the purchase. Before proceeding with the payment of the advertisement, the Advertiser must accept the Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions and these General Purchase Conditions.

4.2. – From the payment gateway

 SOLDVENDIDO uses and as a payment processing platform or payment method.
To use Paypal, the user must have an account created in this service or be willing to create one, when making the payment, they must select the Paypal option and the system will redirect them to the Paypal website where they will have to make the payment, once completed, it will be

therefore, SOLDVENDIDO in no way receives or performs treatment of the advertiser’s financial data, this information being collected and managed by or Paypal in their services and their affiliated processors VISA and Mastercard. and Paypal may accept or reject the transaction according to their own payment processing policies, in the event that the purchase is approved, the system will redirect the Advertiser to the SOLDVENDIDO Website and the purchase will be registered in our system. .
The Advertiser will receive an email with confirmation that the transaction was successful. Later, SOLDVENDIDO will send you the corresponding invoice and the confirmation of the electronic ticket.
If an attempted fraud by an Advertiser is detected, SOLDVENDIDO and will be empowered not only to block the accesses of that Advertiser but also to report it to the competent authorities to proceed with the corresponding investigation.

4.3.- Withdrawal and warranty

The Advertiser may exercise their right of withdrawal and refund of the money 8 calendar days after having paid for the advertisement, for which they must write to the email

  1. – Information veracity

All the information that the Advertiser provides to SOLDVENDIDO will be presumed true and will have the character of a sworn statement with knowledge of the penalties provided by law and reiterates that the declared data are legitimate. In the event that SOLDVENDIDO determines that the Advertiser has provided false, fraudulent, inaccurate or omitted information necessary to carry out the financial transaction, it will be empowered to deny the sale of the Ad, immediately disable access to the platform and claim damages, and damages that have been caused.

  1. – Identity Verification

In the event that SOLDVENDIDO deems it necessary, it may request all kinds of documentation and additional information from the Advertiser, which it will require by email or by phone call. In the event that the Advertiser does not submit the required documentation and / or information within seventy-two hours after sending the request, access to the platform may be suspended by SOLDVENDIDO.

  1. – Responsibility

SOLDVENDIDO will not be responsible for the availability or possible failures that may occur in the server or in the operation of the Website and that make the Advertiser’s transactions impossible. It is expressly established that SOLDVENDIDO, by depending on third parties to provide its services on the Internet, does not guarantee or be responsible for problems or limitations of the system that affect the use of the platform, nor is it responsible for those transactions and / or services that cannot be carried out or provided due to problems and / or interruptions on the platform unrelated to SOLDVENDIDO.

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